Bringing together law and technology: BPP ‘Employability Week’

Bringing together law and technology: BPP 'Employability Week'

BPP University Law School (BPP) is embracing the rapid  infiltration of technology into the legal sector by hosting a legal tech-themed Employability Week.

Events will be held in each of BPP’s centres across the UK and live streaming of the key events will take place at the university’s Red Lion Street campus in central London.

The week will offer LPC students knowledge and practical experience of the latest legal technology, as well as offering an insight into how technology can be pivotal in enhancing their legal careers. Students will be able to enjoy and learn from keynote speakers, demonstrations, interactive workshops and networking events with top legal technology experts. To top off the week, a ‘Legal Tech Hackathon’ will take place in which groups of students will work collaboratively to create an innovative legal solution to a real-life legal problem.

Jane Houston, Director of LPC programmes at BPP said: 

“Innovation is at the top of the strategic agenda for most law firms today and technology is a key driver of innovation. Many firms are investing heavily in technology and there is an expectation that young lawyers joining the profession will be at the forefront of technical innovation to help navigate their law firm through digital disruption.”

Professor Peter Crisp, Dean and CEO of BPP added:

“The traditional image of the legal profesion as conservative and behind the curve on technology is way out-of-date. So much of what the legal profession does today now engages with technology that students need exposure to from their very first days of law school. Our legal themed ‘Employability Week’ gives our students experience of how technology is transforming the profession they are about to enter and prepares them to be technologically competent in a demanding career.”

Employability week is running from 6 – 10 March. For more information on BPP law school, click here.