How would you rate the work/life balance at your firm?

FirmScore (/100)
Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP 92.9
Leathes Prior


Cartmell Shepherd 92.0
Maples Teesdale LLP 89.8
Birketts LLP 89.6
Thrings LLP 89.3
Stephens Scown LLP 88.9
Brabners LLP 88.8
Roythornes Solicitors 87.9
Devonshires Solicitors LLP 87.8
Pitmans LLP 87.5
Wilkin Chapman LLP 87.3
Thomas Cooper LLP


Forsters LLP 86.5
Mills & Reeve LLP 86.1
Marriott Harrison LLP 85.9
Warner Goodman LLP


TLT Solicitors LLP 85.8
Bristows LLP


Tees Law 85.6

As with any high-pressure job, late nights are sometimes required of trainee solicitors.

At times, this may mean having to turn up a little late or at worst cancel previously arranged social plans.

But whilst this may be necessary in the lead-up to a deal completion or an impending court case, this should not be a persistent state of affairs.

All the firms listed in this category respect their trainees’ work/life balance and recognise that whilst hard work is important, there is also a life to be had outside of the office.

One such example is Anthony Collins Solicitors, which is ‘significantly more work/life-oriented’ than some rivals, as is Leathes Prior, which received praise in this regard.

In a similar vein, Cartmell Shepherd ‘wants you to excel at work but also have a good life alongside’.

Maples Teesdale and Thrings do not demand unsociable hours, neither does Birketts, where trainees cited ‘a good work/life balance’ as a plus point.

Stephens Scown ‘promotes a healthy work/life balance’, which is welcomed by recruits, as are the ‘sensible working hours’ at Brabners.

There is ‘excellent training’ at Roythornes Solicitors but without compromising a life outside of work.

One of few London-headquartered firms in our top ten in this category, Devonshires is a Lex 100 work/life balance winner as trainees report feeling ‘valued’ by their colleagues.