How would you rate the work/life balance at your firm?

FirmScore (/10)
Nockolds Solicitors 9.40
Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP 9.29
Thomas Cooper LLP 9.17
Riverview Law 9.14
Lester Aldridge LLP 9.14
RadcliffesLeBrasseur 9.05
Coffin Mew LLP 8.98
Forsters LLP 8.95
Foot Anstey 8.90
Prettys 8.84
Collyer Bristow LLP 8.75
Blandy & Blandy LLP 8.73
Spearing Waite LLP 8.71
Mundays LLP 8.68
Royds Withy King 8.64
Pitmans 8.59
K&L Gates LLP 8.59
Pemberton Greenish LLP 8.59
Thrings LLP 8.56
Farrer & Co 8.54
Wilsons 8.54

While some trainees thrive on the typically long hours of City work (and the high pay that goes with it), many others seek a balance between their work and play. Although some firms do promote respectable working hours, the very nature of legal work means that it is not a nine-to-five profession.

However, firms scoring highly in this category do not demand persistent unsocial hours, such as Nockolds Solicitors, which repeatedly receives a ‘glowing review’ in this regard; Anthony Collins Solicitors, which has ‘better working hours’ than some rivals; and Thomas Cooper, where ‘our hours are excellent - we're usually out of the office by 6-6.30pm’.

Other firms earning praise include Riverview Law, which is a ‘fun and relaxed place to work and offers an excellent work/life balance’ and Lester Aldridge, where several trainees cite the firm’s work/life balance as the reason for joining the firm.

At RadcliffesLeBrasseur, ‘there is a culture of hard work but trainees and other fee earners will rarely still be in the office after 6.30pm’ and similarly, Coffin Mew has ‘very good hours - I can leave at 5pm if I want to’. One of the few London-headquartered firms in our top-ten, Forsters provides an ‘excellent balance between the City and working at a provincial firm’ in that it ‘offers interesting and important work while at the same time allowing employees to have a good work/life balance’. Foot Anstey has a ‘genuine focus on work/life balance for its employees’ and East Anglia’s Prettys gives trainees a ‘high level of responsibility whilst also maintaining a good work/life balance’.