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Tuesday, 11 September 2018 14:25

The Lex 100 Law Fair Schedule

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The weather’s getting cooler, which can only mean one thing: law fair season is on the horizon! 

We’re excited to be attending a whole host of law fairs this autumn. If you’re in the area, why not take a break from your freshers’ week activities and stop by our stall to say hello. We’ll even give you a shiny new Lex 100 guide for your efforts.

You spent the weeks and months leading up to 31 July diligently applying for training contracts. When August arrived you frantically checked your inbox for invitations to assessment centres or interviews. Invitations which never arrived. Maybe you attended assessment days only to be unsuccessful. Either way, you might feel disheartened and like you want to give up. Here are The Lex 100’s tips for picking yourself up and getting back on track.

Once upon a time, the majority of people you’d find working in legal practice would be upper/middle-class, Oxbridge-educated white males. That’s right. Women: hardly seen. Working-class individuals: forget it. Ethnic minorities: a scarce group. Law firms were pretty exclusivist back in the day, but things have been changing for the better, and in 2018 the legal industry is thankfully at its most diverse.

Video interviews are becoming commonplace in various industries as technology continues to infiltrate many aspects of modern day life. Recruiters in the legal industry were early adopters of the practice, and at present a significant number of law firms have a digital aspect to their vacation scheme/training contract application process. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 10:19

The Different Types of Law Firms

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You want to fight for truth and justice… you want to help neglected children… or you want to wield power in corporate boardrooms… for whatever reason, you think you want to be a lawyer. But pursuing a legal career can take you down many different paths.

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