Wednesday, 22 October 2014

DWF on the lookout for uni campus Brand Ambassadors

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DWF on the lookout for uni campus Brand Ambassadors

DWF is currently recruiting Brand Ambassadors to further the firm’s work on six universities campuses. The Ambassadors will be tasked with delivering the firm’s marketing campaigns and publicising graduate recruitment opportunities. DWF will providing training and direction to the Ambassadors to assist them in their roles, with the recruits also expected to demonstrate initiative and provide DWF with feedback on their work and its reach.

The role is designed to be flexible so that Ambassadors can fit it around their academic commitments. It pays £500 per academic year and successful candidates will have the opportunity to develop a network of contacts within DWF and an insight into the firm’s business.

The deadline for applications is the 21st November and it is open to students at the following unis:

University of Birmingham
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
University of Liverpool
University of London
University of Manchester

For more information on the position and the type of candidate DWF is looking for, please see here.

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