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Nabarro LLP

Nabarro LLP
On 1st May 2017, CMS, Nabarro and Olswang combined to form CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP. The editorial information below relates to legacy firm Nabarro. For more information on the combination please visit

Survey results


If the firm were a fictional character it would be...
Mrs Patmore (Downton Abbey) – friendly and supportive, but pushes you when there’s work to be done

The Verdict

Respondents praise Nabarro’s ‘six-seat training contract’ for offering a ‘real range of good-quality work’, plus the chance to gain such broad experience is also ‘very helpful for those who are unsure about which areas they are interested in’. The firm’s ‘fantastic vacation scheme’ also proved popular with current trainees, and merits a Lex 100 Winner award. Feedback also highlights the ‘brilliant training’ and how ‘all trainee supervisors seem to be great role models’. Highlight achievements include ‘attending a multi-million pound hearing in the international dispute resolution centre following months of preparation for the case’ and ‘being trusted to advise a client face-to-face in a meeting’. Trainees are disappointed about ‘the lack of international opportunities’ available, despite the ‘overseas offices and European alliance’, yet those who have been on international secondments speak of a ‘really enjoyable’ experience. The ‘lack of cohesion between the different offices’ can be a frustration, as ‘sometimes as a member of the Sheffield office the London office can feel like a different firm’. Still, it is appreciated that the ‘excellent support staff’ are ‘friendly and approachable’, and as one respondent comments, ‘the representatives that came to various law school events also really sold the firm’. Trainees are very pleased with the ‘great offices’, and cite the fantastically-stocked salad bar’ and ‘new fizzy-water tap’ as favourite features. To train at a firm that commands a ‘terrific reputation in the real estate market’ and engenders ‘a real sense of cohesiveness and support’, apply to Nabarro.

On 1st May 2017, CMS, Nabarro and Olswang combined to form CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP. The editorial information below relates to legacy firm Nabarro. For more information on the combination please visit

 A day in the life of...

George Mole first-year trainee, Nabarro LLP 
Departments to date:  Real estate, IP and IT
University:University of Birmingham 
Degree:Political science 2(1) 

9.00am:  I arrive on the 16th floor where I share an office with one of the partners, and make myself a cuppa on the way to my desk. Once I’m sat down, the first thing I do is review my to-do list from yesterday and make a new list for today. This is one of the key things I learnt from my time in real estate, where trainees may be working on over 25 active matters – the only way to stay on top of it is to be organised! 

9.15am:  Last weekend I took a group of 26 of my colleagues to Liverpool to play touch rugby in the Corporate Games 2016 (which I am still aching from!). So I take the opportunity to write a small article with a few pictures to be posted on the social page of our intranet site. The firm is very sociable and throughout the rest of the day I receive a few compliments for organising the event.

9:35am:  Time to start my billable work for the day and I’ve got some drafting to do which should take most of my morning. This involves drafting a letter to the third party to our client’s sponsorship agreement with a global leader in cosmetics. The letter will explain the key clauses and importance of the warranties included in the licence that they are being asked to sign, which will give our client the right to use their intellectual property.

11.10am  I get a call from my supervisor. He tells me he has been asked to update a number of sections in one of the main texts on IT law, International Computer and Internet Contracts and Law by Michele T Rennie. As his trainee, he asks me to help him. This is a massive undertaking that will give me work to do until the end of my seat, but I’m happy to get involved as it will give me a chance to gain greater insight into some very interesting and technical areas of law, such as computer software piracy and data licence agreements. I start on this research task straight away to get ahead of the curve.

12.45pm:  I get a call from one of my fellow trainees who asks if I can join him for lunch. When we get to the canteen, despite having made my own lunch today, there is a fresh sushi pop-up stand that is just too tempting...double lunch it is.

1.15pm  I return to my desk much fuller than when I left and my roommate invites me to attend three conference calls starting in 15 minutes with different legal counsel from Germany, Holland and Switzerland in relation to advertising standards in those countries. I take notes for all of the calls and am asked to summarise the advice for each jurisdiction into a file note which can be sent to the client.

3.30pm:  I head to a meeting room for the monthly fund-raising committee meeting. Here we discuss the upcoming events and delegate roles among us. Our next event is our annual Battle of the Bands at the 100 Club on Oxford Street, and I have volunteered to order the food and attempt to source a drum kit, guitar and bass amps, if possible.

4.00pm:  I check the emails I have received while in my meeting. There’s a couple of notifications that new IP and IT documents have been uploaded to the dataroom for one of the corporate deals I have been assisting on. I spend the next few hours reviewing these to highlight any areas of concern that I think should be highlighted to our client in the due diligence report.

6.55pm:  I diarise a couple of events for tomorrow then head down to the canteen for (free!) dinner; my choice tonight is pollock with new potatoes and vegetables.

7:20pm:  Having posted my time entries for the day, I log off and head to the pub with some friends to watch tonight’s football match.

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