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Eversheds LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...
Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife) – has excellent legal knowledge, is well-respected by peers and is ready to fight when required

The Verdict

The Verdict

Eversheds is ‘friendly and forthcoming’ while maintaining its reputation as a ‘leading national and international’ law firm. There is a ‘focus on innovation’ and a constant ‘awareness to improve and refresh’. The ‘employees are valued as people’ and they are ‘not expected to be in the office at all times’. The firm has a ‘realistic attitude to life as a trainee’; ‘although late nights and long hours are unavoidable for big projects, they are not a daily fact of life’. Trainees report being ‘treated well’ and describe it as ‘generally a great place to work’, so it comes as no surprise to see the firm secure five Lex 100 Winner awards, including in the job satisfaction and friendliness categories. Also, newcomers are ‘trusted with responsibility’, ‘rewarded with client contact’ and receive ‘interesting work’. There is a ‘friendly, supportive culture’ as ‘everyone makes time to support and advise’ trainees, who are always ‘encouraged to ask questions’. The firm has a ‘positive attitude towards inclusiveness at all levels from partners to trainees and other members of staff’. New recruits report ‘there is a lack of hierarchy’ and ‘a flat structure is encouraged by the brilliant partners’. Trainees are ‘rewarded with client contact’ and their ‘input is valued by senior staff’. There are ‘unpredictable hours’ and the ‘workload can be quite high at times’, but respondents tell us they ‘never feel overwhelmed’. Trainees reveal they are given a ‘good level of responsibility’, and top trainee moments include ‘receiving awards recognising good work’, ‘drafting a closure deed for a multi-million pound pension scheme’ and ‘sealing an international deal’. If you are looking for a ‘down-to-earth’ firm with international capabilities, take a closer look at Eversheds.