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Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Little Dorrit (Charles Dickens) – unassuming but strong and fiercely committed to fighting social wrongs

The verdict

The verdict

Anthony Collins Solicitors is a Lex 100 Winner in the quality of work, client contact, work/life balance and confidence in being kept on categories. Trainees described ACS as a ‘social purpose law firm’ that ‘wants to contribute positively to society and improve the lives of people in the community’, and so it’s no wonder that newbies feel fulfilled working at the firm. As is to be expected, CSR is a big deal at Anthony Collins, with staff encouraged to ‘undertake charity work’ using the firm’s gift of ‘250 social purpose value days’. Recruits frequently praised ‘the people’ at Anthony Collins, believing them to be the best part of the firm: ‘they are extremely passionate about the work they do’ and the work atmosphere is ‘inclusive’. The firm’s ‘excellent’ training and ‘supportive’ environment was also appreciated by trainees. Work/life balance didn’t appear to be a problem at the Birmingham-based firm, with one individual reporting that ‘we are never expected to work late’. What trainees felt the firm lacked however, was effective communication: ‘cooperation can be difficult between lawyers and non-lawyer staff’ and ‘management structures and processes’ were seen to ‘lack transparency’. Trainees also bemoaned the ‘general office admin’ and ‘coffee runs’ which constituted part of their work day. A lack of ‘choice over seats in your first year’ was also an issue of contention for some; but on the plus side, being given ‘high levels of responsibility’ and ‘meaningful work’ made the training experience worthwhile. If you’re on the hunt for a Midlands-based firm which offers ‘higher quality work’ in a supportive and socially-engaged environment, give Anthony Collins Solicitors consideration.