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Shearman & Sterling LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Optimus Prime – it has transformed the best qualities of English and American firms into one global leader

The verdict

The verdict

‘The combination of ‘front page of the Financial Times work”, a lot of responsibility as a trainee and a truly supportive culture’ sets Shearman & Sterling apart. ‘US firms can have quite an intimidating reputations, but S&S is an outlier in this respect’ – testament to the firm’s ‘friendly culture’ where ‘people genuinely get along’. Although there is ‘less formal academic training’, we hear that ‘what makes the difference is the attitude of the associates you work with: that’s where you get really trained and developed’. Elaborating, one trainee explains that ‘every associate I’ve worked with has been exceptionally supportive and provided great feedback’. A fairly common theme through the feedback was the ‘lack of transparency regarding how seat rotation choices are made and which departments will be offering qualification options’. This has led to some trainees undertaking seats in departments which will not take on a NQ solicitor. Nevertheless, the work, which has a ‘strong corporate/finance focus’ is described as ‘exceptional’ and there are ‘ample opportunities for early responsibility. What’s more, the firm is a Lex 100 Winner for its generous salary. Memorable moments include ‘closing my first deal’ and ‘managing a call with counsel in several jurisdictions under time constraints and client pressure’. The ‘first long night in the office’ and ‘leaving at 5am on a Saturday, two days before a deal died’ were also memorable, but for different reasons! Thankfully though, ‘pro bono manager Nina is a star’ and ‘greatly encourages trainees to get involved’. To work at a firm where there is a ‘real focus on growth’ without compromising on ‘warmth of culture’, apply to Shearman & Sterling.