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Stevens & Bolton LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

“David” in “David & Goliath” – sometimes we fall foul of the “never heard of Stevens & Bolton”, but we often can outshine other firms and deliver just as well, if not better

The verdict

The verdict

‘A firm with City-standard clients outside of the City’, Guildford-based Stevens & Bolton offers an ‘excellent range of seat options’. A few trainees were won over by the vacation scheme, during which time it became ‘evident that everyone at the firm was nice and approachable’. Recruits appreciate receiving ‘excellent support from our supervisors’ and the ‘dialogue between trainees and associates/partners’. Thanks to the firm’s size, reports of ‘running my own deals and transactions’ where trainees are very much ‘thrown in at the deep end’ were not uncommon. Indeed, respondents assured us that they ‘are not just brought along to attend the odd client meeting, we are expected to liaise with clients, develop relationships with them and look after them’. But whilst some recruits relished this responsibility, others found that ‘being the only trainee in a department means you are pulled in a lot of different directions and the workload can be overwhelming’. The salary was considered ‘very competitive for a regional firm’ by some, whilst others felt that it could be higher, especially when taking into account working the odd late night. There is no doubt, however, that the trainees feel able to voice concerns if they ‘don’t understand, or disagree with any changes that have been made to your work’. Whilst it is occasionally expected that trainees ‘complete corporate support tasks’, they are also given more exciting opportunities such as ‘getting heavily involved in drafting the witness statements for a contentious matter’. If a firm which offers ‘high-quality work for impressive clients, whilst maintaining a good work/life balance for employees’ appeals to you, consider Stevens & Bolton.