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BTMK Solicitors

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Tigger (Winnie the Pooh) – fun, positive and one-of-a-kind

The verdict

The verdict

A Lex 100 Winner in three categories, BTMK is a solid Southeast firm with a ‘good reputation’. Many trainees started their journey at the firm as paralegals, and because the firm was ‘very supportive of my ambitions and continued learning’, and ‘encouraged employees to advance in their careers’, recruits decided to complete traineeships here. Social life – for which the firm holds a Lex 100 Winner medal – is one of the firm’s strong points, with recruits mentioning that they ‘regularly go out for meals and drinks’ with colleagues. One trainee reported that ‘I am good friends with one of the directors which I don’t think you would find at most firms’. This social life is no doubt aided by the firm’s ‘brilliant work/life balance’. Aside from having fun, trainees get down to business and carry out some hard-hitting legal work. They are ‘involved in matters from the beginning’, ‘have attended a joint settlement meeting with counsel and the client’ and ‘taken responsibility for files’. ‘The level of direct client contact that I’ve had from the beginning of my training contract has been second to none’ reveals one recruit. Whilst trainees experience a ‘high level of involvement’, they lament that ‘the work isn’t always high-profile or headline grabbing’. Moreover, ‘having increased responsibility has been difficult at times’ and can lead to ‘feeling in over your head’ however, it was noted that ‘there will always be a partner or qualified solicitor available to lend a helping hand’. For an ‘inclusive’ firm which ‘gives you opportunities to advance’ apply to BTMK Solicitors.