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Boodle Hatfield LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Jeeves (P. G. Wodehouse) – highly competent and always on hand to provide the best service to the most discerning of clients

The verdict

The verdict

The ‘opportunity to work for both commercial clients and private individuals’ was a significant factor in aspiring solicitors’ decision to train at Boodle Hatfield. Being a ‘small firm’, trainees benefit from ‘being involved in a significant way’, and working ‘reasonable hours’ means they have a ‘better work/life balance’. In comparison to their peers at other firms, trainees at Boodle Hatfield believe their training compares ‘favourably in terms of responsibility’: they enjoy ‘exposure to a variety of work’ and ‘have contact with clients’. When questioned on the best things about the firm, ‘the people’ was a recurrent response with recruits praising the ‘fee-earners and partners’; in addition the ‘standard of clients’ is praised. Respondents listed ‘the IT’, ‘lack of international opportunity’ and ‘opaque seat change process’ as things they disliked about the firm. There were also some comments about the ‘general attitude of HR towards trainees’ being an issue. ‘The first week when everything is new’ and having to ‘deal with difficult clients’ were unpleasant times in trainees’ work life, however, they enjoyed having the ‘opportunity to work with very intelligent people’, ‘being involved in a mediation’ and ‘completing the sale of a property in Mayfair for £2.5m having run the whole matter myself’. As well as ‘taking responsibility on matters from start to finish’, recruits are able to get involved with the firm’s charity committee and take part in a ‘reading scheme with a local primary school’. If ‘work/life balance’ (for which the firm is a Lex 100 Winner) and working with a mix of commercial and private clients is important to you, apply to Boodle Hatfield.