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Capsticks LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Lieutenant Columbo (Columbo) – determined, approachable and leaves no stone unturned

The verdict

The verdict

Known for its work with the NHS and public sector, Capsticks continues to attract trainees because of its top-notch reputation. The firm is a ‘healthcare specialist’ and trainees get to learn from ‘experts in this area’. New recruits observed that lawyers at the firm take ‘pride in the work they do’ which no doubt inspires trainees to do the same. Trainees are ‘given a hands-on role’ and have ‘a lot of responsibility early on’, however, one recruit felt that at times this ‘can be overwhelming’. Nevertheless, staff at the firm are ‘very approachable’ making it easy to ask for assistance. Client interaction is encouraged and ‘develops a trainee’s skill set’. The ‘focus on targets’ was an element of the training at Capsticks which trainees disliked and ‘though it can be daunting at first, you get used to it’. Other complaints concerned the ‘workload in busy seats’ and having to ‘stay late to complete a transcript from court’, but there were also enjoyable moments. One newbie mentioned ‘being involved in a High Court matter at the Royal Courts of Justice’ as a particular highlight, whilst another appreciated ‘the secondment opportunities and responsibility I’ve been given’. Being on secondment was a ‘valuable experience which allowed me to experience areas of law from a client’s perspective’. In line with the firm’s public sector focus is a commitment to CSR and pro bono. Trainees can participate in pro bono clinics and the London Legal Walk. If you love the idea of having the NHS as part of your client base, and want to work with a firm that’s been awarded a Lex 100 Winner medal for quality of work, approachability and confidence of being kept on, Capsticks is for you.