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Devonshires Solicitors LLP

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Noddy – nice and understatedly saves the day

The verdict

The verdict

Devonshires Solicitors is headquartered in London but boasts additional offices in Leeds and Colchester. The ‘niche work’ that the firm carries out for ‘predominantly social housing providers’ was a big draw for trainees. In comparison to their peers at other firms, Devonshires recruits believe they receive higher levels of responsibility and client contact. Work/life balance is also said to be better with one new joiner rejoicing that they’ve ‘rarely had to work past 7pm’. As far as training goes, the firm’s aspiring solicitors have ‘access to high-quality work’ and are ‘involved in interesting cases’; indeed, one trainee remembers ‘assisting a client to obtain an injunction and possession order in relation to ongoing anti-social behaviour’. A Lex 100 Winner for client contact and social life, trainees have fun with their ‘friendly colleagues’ and like that the firm is ‘small enough to know everybody’. What they’re displeased with, however, is their salary, ‘the lack of communication regarding seat selection’ and having to do administrative tasks such as post. Moments when ‘a solicitor on the other side was rude to me’ and ‘when working alone in the office until 11pm to finalise a report only for the client to pull out of the deal the next morning’ were frustrating for some trainees. On the flipside, ‘receiving a thankful email from a client’ and ‘providing training to the CEO of one of our biggest clients’ were pleasing moments. To experience a ‘unique combination of highly-interesting and varied work in a friendly (almost family-like) environment’, apply to Devonshires Solicitors.