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Fox Williams LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Jack-Jack (The Incredibles) – young but powerful and full of potential

The verdict

The verdict

At Fox Williams a great work/life balance can be expected. Newcomers to the firm love that they can ‘leave the office at a sensible time’. We’re told ‘the atmosphere is very trusting’ and there’s ‘no expectation to stay to be seen’; rather, ‘if you’ve finished your work, you can go home without the anxiety of appearing absent’. Recruits find this approach to working hours ‘exceptional’ and say ‘it makes you more productive on the occasions where you do need to focus and stay later’. The firm’s ‘reputation for corporate M&A’ and the standard of employment work lured in aspiring solicitors, and, indeed, new recruits get to partake in some pretty nifty work. ‘Being involved in a 13-hour mediation which resulted in very favourable terms for our client’ was one trainee’s highlight moment. Another listed ‘leading on transactions with assistance from colleagues’ as gratifying. What trainees took issue with was that the firm’s training is ‘less structured than at other firms’. There is less of a focus on ‘classroom-style teaching’, instead trainees ‘learn by doing’ which they say is ‘advantageous’ but not always suitable. Additionally, trainees say they’d benefit from ‘real-time feedback, particularly once you’ve done a piece of work for a partner and they’ve made amends and sent it out to the client’. The firm’s ‘weak trainee retention rate’ was a cause of anxiety for recruits, and having to ‘console qualifying trainees who were not offered NQ positions’ was difficult. The ‘use of old time recording and document management software’ caused frustration, but ‘the former has now been replaced’. For ‘great client-facing opportunities’ and ‘less stressful days’, apply to Fox Williams.