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Muckle LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Rocky Balboa – it may be a bit of an underdog but it punches above its weight and can hold its head high

The verdict

The verdict

As part of a small intake, trainees at Muckle ‘get a lot of attention, opportunities and client exposure’. For a ‘one-office firm based in Newcastle’, Muckle has ‘some big clients’ and under no circumstances are trainees compromising on quality of work. The ‘focus on people’ makes the firm different; there is an obvious ‘focus on health and well-being’ and there are ‘incentives, events and training for staff to encourage healthy living’ on offer. For example, ‘there’s a firm running club twice a week’, as well as a ‘tea trolley every pay day’. This goes some way in explaining how the firm has garnered a ‘reputation as a business that looks after and trusts its employees’. Muckle is a Lex 100 Winner in three categories this year: living up to expectations, social life and vacation scheme. Complaints centred on the fact that there are ‘fewer training seats and less choice’ at the firm than at some of its competitors. But, generally, trainees are given a ‘good opportunity to undertake a variety of work at an early stage’. Such examples include ‘going to the Technology and Construction Court in London and attending a hearing for a multi-million pound case’ and ‘getting to run a completion meeting with a fellow trainee’. Spending ‘two consecutive 12-hour days inputting data into a spreadsheet’ drove one recruit up the wall, whilst ‘working alone on a few late nights’ frustrated another. But, on a positive note, staff appreciate being given ‘two days’ paid leave to complete volunteering work of your choice’. If a firm which is ‘all-round great in terms of atmosphere, exposure and work/life balance’ appeals to you, apply to Muckle.