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Ted Hastings (Line of Duty) – friendly, great reputation, excellent at his job and likes to do things his way

The verdict

The verdict

Trainees at national firm RadcliffesLeBrasseur benefit from having a ‘broad range of work available’ during their training, with an added ‘emphasis on medico-legal matters for which the firm is renowned’. Recruits feel that their experience is ‘more positive’ than some of their peers at other firms because they have a ‘higher level of responsibility and client contact’. ‘Working on a three-week High Court trial and being commended by the judge for my witness statement’ is one example of the level of responsibility afforded to trainees. A ‘very high level of supervision’ also adds to the comprehensive training experience. ‘An incredibly friendly culture’ pervades the firm, with ‘accessibility at all levels’ thanks to approachable supervisors. ‘Attending and assisting on a high-profile High Court appeal that took place in the Royal Courts of Justice and featured on Newsnight, as well as in a number of national newspapers’ was a clear work highlight. But respondents complained that ‘despite recent improvements, remuneration still lags behind a number of other London-based firms of a similar size’. ‘Having a very quiet third seat’ and ‘completing the search for standard disclosure in a case with a lengthy history ahead of a tight deadline’ were singled out as worst moments. On a more positive note, CSR and pro bono opportunities are ‘rewarding and varied’ with ‘regular opportunities’ to get involved. If you’re looking for a firm with a ‘good reputation’ which boasts a ‘range of practice areas and locations’, look no further than RadcliffesLeBrasseur.