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Shakespeare Martineau LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Bruce Wayne – can seem ordinary on the outside but is extraordinary on the inside

The verdict

The verdict

Many of Shakespeare Martineau’s trainees ‘knew the ethos of the firm’ and had been given ‘plenty of opportunity to gain experience and expertise’ from working as paralegals prior to starting their training contracts. A ‘good level of training, responsibility and lots of client contact’ keeps recruits on their toes at the national firm. ‘A friendly atmosphere’ pervades and the ‘positive ethos of the firm is embodied in the partners’. One of the best things about Shakespeare Martineau is its people – ‘some individuals have had a hugely positive impact on my training’ and ‘take a genuine interest in your role in the team and in you as a person’. ‘Like at other firms, there are some difficulties giving everyone the seats they would like and communicating things in a timely fashion’ said one trainee, ‘however, we are very much valued by our teams and get exposure to very high-quality work’. Indeed, another trainee reported that ‘all my supervisors have made an effort to get me involved in interesting or unusual matters purely for experience purposes’. The firm is a Lex 100 Winner for work/life balance. There were some grumbles that there are ‘lots of real estate seats available but no commercial seats’ and we hear that there is still work to be done to integrate the models of legacy firms Shakespeares and SGH Martineau, which merged in 2015. On a more positive note though, trainees’ best moments include ‘going on a site visit in Wales with a partner’ and ‘drafting complex grounds of resistance which were signed off without amends by the partner’. To work at a firm which has an abundance of high-quality work where the ‘partners are extremely approachable’, apply to Shakespeare Martineau.