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Spearing Waite LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Violet Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events) – a clever and practical problem-solver

The verdict

The verdict

‘A mix of regional and national business’ drew the current trainees to ‘the biggest independent law firm in Leicester’ Spearing Waite. Partners and fee earners at the firm are happy to delegate, giving trainees plenty of opportunity to ‘send emails to or call clients directly’ and ensuring ‘exposure to high-quality work’. There is a ‘friendly working atmosphere’ and ‘inclusive ethos’ at the firm thanks to ‘everybody knowing one another and what everybody’s role is’. The firm also boasts ‘plenty of great social opportunities, such as the infamous summer barbecue, Christmas party, a weekly running club and an annual firm-wide table tennis tournament’. A Lex 100 Winner medal in the social life category needs no further explanation! Although ‘the training contract lacks structure’, and there is a perceived ‘lack of consistency in respect of training across the different departments’, the ‘variety of the workload’ was praised. Trainees would also appreciate the opportunity to undertake seats in some of the smaller departments, but it was recognised that this is changing. ‘The range of clients that we have in Leicester, throughout the UK and internationally’ definitely impressed. Whilst ‘redacting around 3,000 pages of text to assist with a disclosure exercise’ was not considered particularly exciting, ‘assisting on an extremely urgent corporate takeover and share sale for a senior partner’s client’ and ‘working on a large transaction from beginning to end’ inspired trainees. More generally, respondents were happy to be ‘trusted to work largely to their own initiative’ and ‘able to take control’ of their own development. To work at a friendly and inclusive firm with good exposure to clients and ‘good prospects for career progression’, take a closer look at Spearing Waite.