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Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

Survey results


If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Anton Ego (Ratatouille) – can be imperious and critical but has a heart of gold

The verdict

The verdict

‘The people and culture were the main points of attraction for me’, said one Sullivan & Cromwell trainee, a feeling which was echoed throughout the feedback. The impressive remuneration and ‘guaranteed international secondment’, were also big enticements, leading to the firm scooping up Lex 100 Winner medals in these categories. Indeed, trainees reported having a ‘wonderful time’ undertaking a seat abroad. The training is ‘less structured but with more responsibility’ and trainees are definitely expected to ‘learn as you go’. This in turn means ‘being quite a lot more technical early on’, which ‘can be stressful but rewarding when you learn to get it right’. The small size of the US firm’s London office and small trainee intake ‘makes it an ideal place for opportunities to learn’ and the friendly people help create a ‘relaxed and pleasant work environment’. Prospective applicants should be warned to expect ‘long hours’ which can lead to a ‘lack of work/life balance’ because the firm ‘never switches off’. ‘High stress involved in a deal closing’, ‘working weekends’ and ‘being kept in the office until 1am and not being used in the end’ are examples of this. A sweetener to the long hours is the responsibility of ‘leading important calls with big clients’, ‘being in charge of certain work streams on a major deal’ and ‘dealing with complex questions of law’. There are also plenty of CSR and pro bono opportunities, such as ‘outreach programmes to local schools’ with ‘ample support being given to these initiatives by senior lawyers’. To work at a firm with friendly colleagues where the ‘work is of a high calibre’ and the ‘culture encourages openness’, apply to Sullivan & Cromwell.