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Trowers & Hamlins LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Skipper the Penguin (Madagascar) – he is ambitious, small but mighty, a daredevil adventurer (the Middle East being fairly daring) and an instinctive do-gooder

The verdict

The verdict

Three main factors influenced the decision of the current trainees to join Trowers & Hamlins: the ‘mixture of high-profile public and private sector work’, the ‘focus on real estate’ and ‘the vast area of expertise of an international firm but with regional opportunities’ (the firm has offices in Exeter, Birmingham, Manchester and London). An ‘open and inclusive culture’ pervades and ‘people at all levels are approachable, helpful and willing to get the job done’, which goes some way to explain the firm’s Lex 100 Winner medal for inclusiveness. Trainees also receive ‘more client contact and more partner contact’ than peers at comparable firms. Although there were some reports of ‘long hours in the run up to Christmas’ and ‘weekend working’, it was generally acknowledged that ‘this is very rare’. We hear that ‘some of the work is truly trailblazing’ and ‘partners will get you involved where they can’. Recruits even ‘have the opportunity to take the lead on aspects of their work, rather than solely work ancillary to supervisors’. ‘Being the point of contact in an employment tribunal claim valued at £2.5m’ is one such example. Trowers & Hamlins’ ‘excellent’ international secondments have earned the firm another Lex 100 Winner medal, with recruits appreciative of the ‘interesting insight provided into how the firm operates overseas’. There were some complaints, however, that the firm is quite London-centric and that international opportunities are only available to those training in the capital. To work with ‘talented and likeable people’ whilst undertaking ‘one of the most complete training contracts available’, take a closer look at Trowers & Hamlins.