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Walker Morris LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Boromir (The Lord of the Rings) – northern and friendly, hardworking and passionate

The verdict

The verdict

Walker Morris is a ‘big commercial law firm with clients all over the UK, as well as abroad, yet prides itself on the fact it is a single-site firm in Leeds’. The ‘ability to work on high-profile matters’ enticed trainees, although some were concerned that ‘despite its high-quality work for clients in London, the firm is less well known in the capital’. A six-seat training contract is on offer, exposing recruits to the ‘wide variety of practice areas and clients’. Responsibility is granted to those who show willing at Walker Morris: trainees benefit from the ‘ability to actually have conduct of smaller matters’. But they are also ‘involved with the preparation of documents for larger matters’, which ensures that they gain experience on deals and cases of all sizes. Less exciting work examples include ‘having to redact 360 documents’ and ‘admin jobs in litigation’ but these are arguably typical tasks for a trainee at any firm. Conversely, a ‘secondment to an AIM-listed company’ was a highlight. Although some trainees feel that the ‘far better work/life balance’ is reflected in the comparatively lower pay, most appreciated that colleagues demonstrate a ‘real awareness’ of employees’ life outside of work. What’s more, the firm organises events such as ‘birthday club and social drinks to ensure you meet with people socially and not purely over work’. Respondents observed that the firm ‘still has an old-school partnership vibe’ and at times ‘lacks innovation’, but there is no doubt that working with ‘friendly, enthusiastic and approachable’ people largely makes up for this. To work at a firm which offers ‘loads of client exposure’ and the opportunity to ‘run your own files’, research Walker Morris.