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B P Collins LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings) – smaller than others but brave and always ready to embrace a challenge

The verdict

The verdict

B P Collins received enthusiastic reviews from its current trainees. The firm has ‘excellent lawyers’ and the ‘opportunity to learn’ from ‘incredible people’ is ‘valuable’. The firm’s location in Buckinghamshire proved attractive to one trainee who wanted to work for a firm with ‘links to my local area’. Correspondingly, ‘strong ties with the local community’ means staff are ‘encouraged to get involved in supporting local events, charities and schools’. It was expressed that the ‘social life is considerably worse’ than that of peers at London firms, however, this is perhaps the trade-off for getting a ‘better work/life balance’, ‘more responsibility and greater involvement in work’. Recruits relished the opportunity to ‘undertake meaningful, interesting work’ and appreciated that they were given a ‘good amount of client contact’. Also praised was the firm’s ‘good mix of private client and commercial work’ and ‘smaller trainee intake’ which meant more ‘one-on-one training’. Trainees felt that although training was good overall, it tended to be ‘a bit ad hoc’ – ‘a more structured approach would be beneficial’. The offices being ‘split across two buildings’ was an issue as trainees felt that it ‘creates a disjointed feel’ and means that ‘it can take a while to get to know people’. A ‘lack of transparency’ was also a concern for trainees who felt they were ‘kept in the dark’ in relation to ‘NQ positions’. Stand-out moments included ‘being taken to court and employment tribunal hearings’ and ‘running a whole transaction myself’ which made ‘weeks spent bundling’ a distant memory. If you’re looking to join a regional firm with ‘quality training’, apply to B P Collins.