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Wilkin Chapman LLP

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Buzz Lightyear – always trying to reach the stars

The verdict

The verdict

The largest firm in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, Wilkin Chapman counts both businesses and private individuals among its client base. Some respondents had enjoyed completing work experience at the firm before joining, during which time they were won over by the ‘friendly and supportive environment’. ‘I knew it was a firm where I wanted to start and progress my legal career’, said one trainee. We hear that the ‘partners are approachable’ and that there are ‘lots of opportunities for internal training’ so that trainees are able to ‘learn and develop their skills every day’. Although the salary is considered ‘perhaps lower than at some other law firms’, there is a ‘good work/life balance’ and this is without having to compromise on ‘high-quality work’ such as ‘assisting on a large re-financing deal from start to finish’. Trainees enjoy the ‘open-plan office spaces’ and the ‘various social events’ where they can spend time with the friendly staff outside of work hours. Plenty of CSR events take place, which are both ‘interesting and useful for the department you are sitting in’. As is to be expected, trainees occasionally have their bad moments at Wilkin Chapman: ‘sending out an original signed document without keeping a copy’ and ‘spending four days at the photocopier preparing a bundle for a case which then settled before trial’ were not instances recruits looked back upon fondly. Some respondents were also frustrated that the ‘levels of work can vary from incredibly busy to running low on things to do’. But if you’re after a friendly, supportive firm with plenty of high-quality work on offer, Wilkin Chapman may be the firm for you.