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Cartmell Shepherd

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Olaf (Frozen) – friendly, outgoing and goes out of its way to help people

The verdict

The verdict

Based in Cumbria and Northumberland, Cartmell Shepherd has ‘a great reputation in the area’. Trainees reported having a positive first impression of the firm when they met members of the team at a law fair in Newcastle: ‘they gave off a friendly and approachable vibe’. In addition the ‘well-structured training contract on offer’ enticed aspiring solicitors. When asked how their training compared to that of their peers at other firms, Cartmell Shepherd recruits believed that they benefit from a ‘great work/life balance’ and ‘get a lot more client contact’; however, they moaned about having to ‘sort through large boxes of miscellaneous deeds’ and reported that the ‘trainee remuneration isn’t great’. On the plus side, the firm otherwise supports trainees by ‘paying for us to attend courses and lectures to help us better ourselves in our field’. Also appreciated was the ‘approachability of the staff’ and ‘friendliness of everyone in the firm’. The firm is a Lex 100 Winner for quality of work and social life. Cartmell Shepherd also has ‘good involvement with the community’ which delighted newbies. Trainee highlights included ‘experiencing a wide variety of work in an environment where people want to help you and for you to succeed’, ‘exceeding client expectations’ and, of course, ‘being offered a job on qualification’. Indeed, trainees stand a good chance of securing a position at the firm post qualification, which is why Cartmell Shepherd holds a Lex 100 Winner medal in the confidence of being kept on category. If you want to join a firm in the North with plenty to offer trainees by way of experience and training, Cartmell Shepherd is a great option.