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Blake Morgan LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Ant-man – can pack a punch if needed

The verdict

The verdict

Blake Morgan’s ‘vibe, size and locations’ were listed by trainees as the reasons they applied to join the firm. Being a ‘regional firm with a large spread of offices’ means recruits enjoy access to ‘a range of clients’ and work on ‘major corporate deals’ all whilst maintaining a ‘good work/life balance’, and as such, the firm has been awarded a Lex 100 Winner medal. Trainees love ‘Friday night drinks’ and that they have the opportunity to do things like ‘yoga at lunchtimes’. They also appreciate that ‘partners understand that you have a life outside the office’. Management is described as ‘good-humoured and supportive’ and recruits lauded the ‘culture of the firm’. The firm is also a Lex 100 Winner for confidence of being kept on. Trainees did, however, complain about their remuneration and the firm’s ‘IT systems’. They also took issue with the ‘process for getting seats’. ‘Taking a private jet to see another site of the company I am seconded to’, ‘having a client come to the office just to shake my hand and say thank you’ and ‘completing a large structural reorganisation to a tight deadline’ were some stand-out moments for trainees. ‘Administrative work’ and calling clients to relay undesirable news were some of the not-so-fun moments. Those who had the opportunity to go on secondment raved about the experience: ‘it was the highlight of my training contract so far’ said one respondent. For those interested in charity work, it’s worth noting that Blake Morgan has a ‘wide range’ of CSR opportunities available, for example, ‘each office has its own charity of the year for which there are several fundraising opportunities’. If you’d like to train at a ‘full-service’ firm with ‘regional values’, Blake Morgan fits the bill.