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Forbes Solicitors

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Donkey (Shrek) – you can’t help but enjoy their energetic and happy-go-lucky character

The verdict

The verdict

‘At Forbes, it’s not only about the work’ says one of the firm’s trainees, ‘there are lots of social events to attend’ which allows employees to get to know each other and share experiences. Those more senior at the firm are also ‘approachable and mix with everyone’. New recruits ‘love how friendly everyone is’, believing such a ‘sociable and welcoming atmosphere’ makes for ‘a great working environment’. Quality of work, client contact and approachability – for which the firm is a Lex 100 Winner – are also reasons why recruits commend the firm. They appreciate being given ‘complex and challenging work’ and assert that ‘despite being supervised, there is a high level of responsibility and trust placed in us which is so encouraging’. A ‘great work/life balance’ is one of the best things about working at Forbes, and despite being ‘less well paid’ than some peers at other firms, Forbes recruits are happy to have a ‘far greater sense of job satisfaction and more involvement in high-profile work’. ‘Successfully completing a report summarising a complex structure under a tight deadline’ was a highlight for one trainee. Another respondent mentioned ‘conducting meetings as the sole representative from the firm’ as a ‘fantastic moment’. Anxieties surrounding ‘where you’ll be working in your next seat’ rattled new recruits, especially those who were told they’d be going to a department they had expressed no interest in. The salary though is the biggest issue for trainees and is an area they feel could be improved. We hear, however, that ‘the wishes of the trainees are listened to’ so improvements are hopefully on the horizon. If you’d like high levels of client contact and excellent quality work, apply to Forbes.