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Withers LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Willy Wonka – quirky but brilliant and like nothing else out there. You never know what a new day or client will look like

The verdict

The verdict

Withers is ‘one of the only truly international private client firms’. The firm is renowned for its strengths in family law, private client and for its fashion and brand-related work. It also boasts a number of ‘top-rated individuals in various fields’. Trainees can look forward to a ‘wide exposure to different areas of law’ and high levels of responsibility, such that they are able to make ‘more of a contribution to the wider team’. What is encouraging is that ‘you are not seen as a cog at Withers, you’re the next face of the firm, and you’re expected to step up and deliver’! ‘Being trusted to run a small matter with only minimal supervision’, ‘travelling to Bermuda to attend a client meeting’ and ‘a client secondment to Barcelona’ stood out as highlights. ‘Midnight finishes for three weeks as two completions clashed’ was a worst moment, as was ‘feeling out of my depth on a transaction’ and ‘lots of bundling in litigation departments’. On the bright side, over 40% of the Withers partnership is made up of women and this is reflected in the ‘refreshing lack of an alpha, competitive atmosphere’. All things considered, it is not surprising that the firm has amassed six Lex 100 Winner medals for job satisfaction, living up to expectations, quality of work, client contact, vacation scheme and approachability. Some recruits complained about the pay, which is considered to be ‘less than comparative firms’ and about the ‘secretive qualification process’. Trainees also grumbled about the ‘dark offices’, although it was acknowledged that the firm will be moving to new premises soon. Apply to Withers if you are ‘willing to be proactive’ and want responsibility from the get go.