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Browne Jacobson LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...
Sam Gamgee (Lord of the Rings) - friendly, resilient and outdoing larger foes

The Verdict

The Verdict

Browne Jacobson has a 'strong reputation' for 'friendly people, good quality of work and responsibility'. The firm offers a 'mix of public sector and private sector clients', which gives trainees a 'broader range of experience' starting 'from an early stage of the training'. Trainees report being given a 'good level of responsibility' and getting 'client exposure' but also appreciate being able to work 'better hours than in City firms' in a 'less intense' environment. Supervisors and colleagues are described as 'friendly and supportive', which makes for a welcoming office atmosphere. Indeed, many trainees cited the 'people culture' and their 'genuinely nice colleagues' as one of the best things about the firm. Browne Jacobson 'punches above its weight' in terms of work and clients, and the firm's 'recent growth and ambition' was also a big pull for recruits. As the firm expands, some trainees commented on the 'competing interests of different practice areas' which has resulted in some 'unclear branding and external identity' because 'commercial and corporate are gunning for top-tier rankings'. Respondents would also like more clarity as to the seat allocation process. Work highlights include 'being the main client contact' on a matter, 'attending a three-day trial on my own' and 'getting a legal opinion piece published in a journal', all of which manifest the degree of trust that the firm places in its trainees. Outside the office, assisting 'on a pro-bono appeal for a disabled client' and 'helping a local charity at an ATP 25O tennis tournament' were stand-out moments. For a 'friendly and open-natured' firm 'with strong aspirations for growth and expansion', investigate Browne Jacobson.