Practice Areas

Who are asset managers and what legal services do they require?

Asset managers are firms of skilled financial professionals who invest capital on behalf of a wide variety of market participants, including pension funds, endowments, family offices and certain private individuals. They use sophisticated investment techniques and invest in a wide variety of asset classes. The asset management sector performs a crucial economic function by pooling capital so that it can be allocated efficiently, while also offering investors access to financial expertise and investment opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them.

What is banking law?

Banking has been, for the last few years, and remains today, the focus of a great deal of attention, scrutiny and criticism, and is central not just to the British economy but to the global economy. This dramatic backdrop to banking today makes it an exciting, challenging and stimulating area of law to practise. Banking can take the form of lending money to blue-chip companies to finance new business plans, issuing high-yield bonds or helping investors acquire whole businesses.

What is corporate law?

Gary MacDonald is a partner in the corporate and banking team at DWF LLP in Edinburgh

Corporate law involves advisory and transactional work for business organisations and for individuals with business interests. Corporate lawyers advise on a variety of areas, including mergers and acquisitions, stock market flotations and fundraisings, restructurings and reorganisations, investments and joint ventures.

What is dispute resolution?

Caroline Edwards is a dispute resolution partner and member of the firm’s international board at Travers Smith LLP

Thinking Silk meets The Good Fight? Well, sort of! For unpredictability, the need to think on your feet and the excitement of a legal and tactical battle both in and out of court, you certainly need look no further. However, there is a lot more to dispute resolution than your favourite legal TV drama might suggest.

What is employment law?

Elizabeth Parkin, associate in employment, Birmingham, and Heather Chandler, partner in pensions, Milton Keynes at Shoosmiths LLP share the ins and outs

Employment law covers a wide range of areas and involves both contentious and non-contentious work. Broadly speaking, it encompasses any area of the law that relates to the employment of individuals.

What is fraud litigation? 

Naomi Simpson is a managing associate at Mishcon de Reya...

Fraud permeates every sector of the global economy. Latest reports estimate that fraud costs the UK economy more than £193b each year. The global nature of today’s business and a significant increase in cyber-crime means fraud is now affecting more people than ever. From employees taking confidential information from one employer to the next, to ransomware attacks and false accounting within big corporates, fraud is now all around us and victims can range from corporate entities to private individuals.

What is insurance and reinsurance?

Lee Bacon is a partner and Marta Jarque Branguli a senior associate in the insurance and reinsurance group at Clyde & Co LLP, both specialising in litigation and arbitration arising from international insurance and reinsurance placements.

Put to one side everything you think you know about insurance – car, home, travel – all, frankly, a little uninspiring albeit hugely important. Think instead of one of the largest sectors of the global financial services market and unarguably the sector that has best navigated the financial crisis.

What is intellectual property (IP) law?

Liz Cohen is a partner and Claire Phipps-Jones an associate in the IP litigation team at Bristows LLP

It’s the global Samsung v Apple smartphone wars, the ‘understated and extreme simplicity’ of Apple’s iPad, the disappearance of The Pirate Bay, the reason why anyone can publish the football fixtures, the law preventing you from ‘jailbreaking’ your games console, the reason that you don’t buy your Predator football boots from ‘Adidos’ and can’t wear a Topshop T-shirt with Rihanna’s face on it, the secret behind the distinct taste of Coca-cola and your love of seedless grapes, to name but a few!

What is M&A?

Theodora Dimitrova graduated in law from the University of Cambridge. Now an associate in the M&A department of Shearman & Sterling (London) LLP, she shares her experience

In very broad terms, M&A is concerned with the sale and purchase of companies and/or their assets. We advise on a broad range of transactions involving acquisitions or disposals of private companies, takeovers of companies that have their securities listed and traded publicly, and restructuring. Although the size and scope of the deals we advise on varies, the work we undertake is typically quite complex and is almost always cross-border.

What is serious injury?

Joanne is a solicitor in the serious injury team based in Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office...

Serious injury work involves complex and often high-value litigation. These cases are sometimes referred to as ‘catastrophic injury’ cases, because the injury can be sudden and very severe.

What is private equity?

David Arnold, a partner at Kirkland & Ellis International LLP, gives us his perspective...

Solicitors practising in the area of private equity law are principally divided into two categories: (i) those advising private equity funds in connection with ‘raising a fund’, ie the arrangements between the fund manager and the investors in the fund; and (ii) advising private equity funds investing the fund and selling its investments, most commonly being the acquiring and disposal of companies and any legal issues that arise during the time they own a company. This page focuses on the work of the second category.

What is real estate law?

Emma Potter, a third-seat trainee at Ashurst LLP, reflects on her experiences in the department during the first seat of her training contract...

Real estate is a tangible, interesting and fast-paced area of the legal industry and real estate work at Ashurst is transactional, high-profile and one of the firm’s key practice areas.

What is shipping law?

Paul Herring is a partner at Ince & Co...

Shipping law is the law related to shipping and international trade by sea/river. It might appear to be a very niche area of practice, but, in fact, it’s incredibly diverse and many of the leading contract law authorities are shipping cases (The Moorcock, Heron II, Wagon Mound No.2 and The Happy Day, to name just a few). In shipping law, while the focus is on a particular sector, clients face as wide a range of legal issues as in any other.