Training Contract Applications

Training Contract Applications

It’s particularly at the first stage when the odds can feel overwhelming and getting the small things right is very important. What should you bear in mind when completing your training contract applications? Let’s ask our Experts, shall we?

Our training contract application form is in cover letter format and is designed to help you showcase your talents. We ask for information about you and your education, as well as a 1000-word cover letter that tells us why you want to be a lawyer, and why at Ashurst in particular.

A superstar application form is thoughtful, relevant, and genuine. Each section of the application form should showcase your unique strengths and personality:

• Interest & Achievement Section - Include your best examples to give the greatest impact rather than including everything. Show diversity through these examples, for instance, working as part of team, working individually, one off experiences and ongoing interests so you can demonstrate your ability to be agile and adapt to new environments.

One of the most frustrating mistakes we regularly spot on application forms is the misspelling of our firm name! Attention to detail is an important part of being a lawyer, and to ensure your application makes it past the first review, double check it doesn’t contain any spelling and grammatical errors (brush up on your apostrophes and practice/practise!). It goes without saying that you really cannot afford to get the firm name wrong!