Choosing The Firm For You

Choosing The Firm For You

Welcome to our monthly updated section featuring Q&A sessions with our regular panel of top UK law firm representatives, who'll tackle any topic to do with graduate recruitment, applications, interviews, training contracts, vacation schemes and much more. If you have a question we haven't covered, just drop us a line, or tweet us @TheLex100, and we'll keep it in mind.

There are potentially hundreds of law firms you can apply to, but time is a bit tight. Here’s some advice on how to narrow your search to those firms which are a good fit for you.

For many Law firms trainee recruitment is a long-term investment.  We're not looking to fill training contract places, we're looking for our future generation of lawyers and partners.  Our attraction campaigns and selection processes are all designed to deliver the candidates that we believe want a long-term career with us.

Working out which is the right firm for you can be a difficult process when there are plenty of law firms', all with their own strengths, for you to explore and familiarise yourself with.

When undertaking your research it is important to have an open mind and a flexible attitude and to truly consider the firms' in regard to what they can offer you.

Try to get to know them better – research online and in the press and read student forums and trainee interview pieces to try to get a real picture. These days there is no excuse for not doing a huge amount of online digging.

Next reach out to your network to try and get some personal information – do you know anyone who has done a vac scheme/open day there? Do they have a campus ambassador you could talk to? Firms' websites and brochures often say similar things so you really need to try to get under our skin.

Hopefully, you will have identified your preferred firm through some in-depth research combined with meeting current employees at events and open evenings. Once you feel comfortable that the firm is going to be the right place for you to train and grow your career, the next step is to apply!

When choosing the right firm for you, it is beneficial to invest time in researching firms to be able to shortlist the firms which you connect with the best. Firstly, it is important to identify what your key priorities and interests are; what motivates and drives you, perhaps by looking at what you have had exposure to already, and what you have learnt from your studies. Then ask yourself; are the firms that I am looking at have a practice area I am interested in? What recent deals have they been involved in? Do they have international scope? What development and progression opportunities do they have?

Always remember, it is never too early to start researching.

Firstly, it is important to question what you want from your career. Starting questions would include: what type of law do you enjoy and what location do you want to work in. If you are unsure, there are a number of sources that could help including your university or your family and friends.